40+ years experience in MENA

More than 225 experienced on-site technical support for all sign maintenance work across the UAE

Timer adjustment, based on seasons

Prompt response to breakdown calls

Focus on Quality, Delivery and Service

An impressive customer service approach, with a centralized help-desk

Cleaning materials, safety accessories, repair parts, all to be provided by the Joseph General Maintenance

Specialists in Sign Maintenance

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ABOUT Joseph General Maintenance

At Joseph General Maintenance, we focus on maintaining our clients brand image by offering high quality maintenance services. We go beyond mechanical maintenance and look at the overall conservation of the brand image represented.

  • Preventive Maintenance of External signboards

    It includes replacing of faulty LED lights and transformer electrical wirings.

  • Cleaning of signs

    Cleaning of the letters, logos and Arabic letters on Aluminum panel of the signboard using 3M standard cleaning materials.

  • Timer adjustment

    Timer adjustment to be done based on seasons.

  • Attending to breakdown calls

    Attending to breakdown calls within designated time depending upon the nature of urgency.

WHY Joseph General Maintenance ?

We handle various contracting and civil works apart from signage maintenance. Our services include Maintenance in Civil, Electrical, Plumbing, Signage and Painting works as well as cleaning services.